Keiji Onihira

Box with design in raised makie. “Hiya (Angels ladder)”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2022
  • H 20.7 x W 26.8 x D 15.3 cm
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"Hiya" means sunlight shining through the clouds. It is a phenomenon where rays of sunlight pour down to the ground through the break in the clouds when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. In meteorological terms, these are called "crepuscular rays", and in other words they are sometimes called the "angel's ladder".

I utilized the form of the cover of the box to express drifting clouds and applied matte black raised makie. Rays of sunlight can be seen shining through the break of clouds in the middle. On the sides of the box, I expressed several angel's ladders coming through the clouds using gold makie and raden. If you see all sides of the box, you can see misty rain and a rainbow after the rain on the back side. On the inner side of the cover, the night sky with a hazy moon is designed, and in the inside of the box is a spider's web with night dew shining under the moonlight.

Sunlight shining through the clouds, a rainbow, a spider's web shining with night dew; there seems to be a culture to find various spiritual meanings in such things everywhere at all times.
By making this piece, I found myself understanding this feeling.

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2022
Dimensions H 20.7 x W 26.8 x D 15.3 cm
Materials dry lacquer (partially wood based), gold, pearl oyster, south sea abalone shells (known as tamamushi (jewel beetle) shells), platinum, silver, pigments
Exhibition The 69th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Artist Signature Signature on box and piece
Notes Comes with box

Keiji Onihira

photo Keiji Onihira

I create my artwork with lacquer, gold, powder, mother-of-pearl, using various makie techniques. Many new types of lacquer and pigments are being developed these days. I try to use these new materials and techniques within the traditional artwork, as I believe this will create a new tradition. With traditional lacquerware at the base, I want to try various motifs and themes to produce artwork that create a special little world or atmosphere.