Gallery Japan is dedicated to introducing the world to contemporary craft artists who have raised traditional crafts to the level of art.

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  • We provide information on artworks created by approximately 2,000 artists, including Living National Treasures (Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties). These artworks include ceramics, textiles, lacquerware, metalwork, wood and bamboo, dolls, glass, cloisonné enamel work, kirikane cut foil embellishing, hardstone carving, inkstone carving, and sunagowork. We also provide information about artist profiles and styles.

    All of the artworks on this website are new and come with exclusive boxes signed and stamped by the artist, so you can be assured on making a purchase.

    Some artworks such as textiles do not come with a box.

    Our dedicated staff will help you to find an artwork that meets your requirements by answering your questions, contacting the artist, receiving your order, and sending the artwork safely to you.

  • Most of the artists manage their artworks by themselves, so it is difficult to confirm the availability of an artwork right away. After receiving your inquiry regarding the availability, price, fees, your order etc., Gallery Japan will contact the artist directly to confirm the availability and will send you a reply.

    • 1.
      Overseas customers contact us by e-mail and customers in Japan by e-mail or telephone.
    • 2.
      Gallery Japan contacts the artist to confirm availability.
    • 3.
      Gallery Japan sends the customer a reply.
    • 4.
      The customer places the order.
    • 5.
      The customer makes a payment for the artwork and shipping fees, etc.
    • 6.
      The artwork is shipped approximately 2 weeks after confirmation of payment.
  • Payment Method

    We accept banks transfers and credit card payments.

    Shipping Fees etc.

    We will send you an estimate for shipping fees, insurance and packing charges while you are considering your purchase.

    Rough estimate
    • Shipping
    • Insurance
      0.6%–1% of the price of the artwork
    • Shipping
    • Insurance
      0.2%–0.5% of the price of the artwork

    Fees may vary depending on the delivery location, type of artwork, and size.


    Customs duties are generally not levied on imported artworks in many countries such as the United States, though the final judgement will be made by the customs office of the importing country.
    If the artwork is liable for custom duties, the international courier will pay on behalf of the customer and the customer will be charged upon receiving the artwork.


    Packing will be done with great care by the artist or a professional fine-art courier with experience and expertise.


    The artwork will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after confirmation of payment.

    Delivery Area

    We ship around the world.


    The purchased item will be sent directly from the artist or operating company (Opendoor Inc.).

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