Keiji Onihira

Box with Design in Raised Makie "The moon shines clearly"

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2021
  • H 14.9 x W 35.7 x D 12.5 cm
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I expressed the silhouette of trees under the winter moonlight and a snowy landscape.
The Japanese word "sayuru" in the title of this piece is a winter word expressing the cold winter air being crisp and perfectly clear.
I wanted to express a winter night scene with a design not too concrete, yet not too abstract.
I used black lacquer on the lid, and on the edges, I used fine shell and gold powder to express the starry night sky.
I used the takamaki-e techniques to make the trees on the sides of the box three-dimensional. I expressed the moonlight shining
among the trees with gold, and the scene of the snow covered trees and land using monotone colors with platinum powder in the base.
I painted hepatica on the rim of the box that can be seen when the lid is removed.
On the inside and bottom of the box, I applied blue lacquer and used mother-of-pearl and gold to express the stars.

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2021
Dimensions H 14.9 x W 35.7 x D 12.5 cm
Materials Platinum, gold, fine shell, kanshitsu (dry lacquer) powder, pigments, kanshitsu* (partially wood based)
*Kanshitsu: a lacquerware technique to make the base from layers of hemp cloth soaked with lacquer
Exhibition The 68th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Artist Signature Signature on box and piece
Notes Comes with box

Keiji Onihira

photo Keiji Onihira

I create my artwork with lacquer, gold, powder, mother-of-pearl, using various makie techniques. Many new types of lacquer and pigments are being developed these days. I try to use these new materials and techniques within the traditional artwork, as I believe this will create a new tradition. With traditional lacquerware at the base, I want to try various motifs and themes to produce artwork that create a special little world or atmosphere.