Miki Suzuki

Bizen Square Dish

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2008
  • $2,791

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Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2008
Exhibition The 51st Chūgoku Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Awards Okayama City Mayor Award

  • Bizen ware

    Bizen ware is a type of high-fired unglazed (yakishime) stoneware made near Bizen in Okayama prefecture. The local clay, called hiyose, resists the application of glaze, so vessels are fired uncoated at high temperatures for long durations. The resulting pottery is well vitrified and features earthen tones and natural ash effects. Ceramists can induce a rich variety of expressions by arranging pieces within the kiln and influencing how they interact with the charcoal and ash. Every piece of Bizen ware is unique.

Miki Suzuki

photo Miki Suzuki

The craft of Bizen ware belonging to that ancient traditional family of unglazed ceramic wares has been handed down continuously to the present day. Consequently, with such a strong tradition there is a resistance to accepting new styles, but I consider that tradition is innovation. I believe that in 100 years’ time, this piece will be thought of as traditional, and so I shall continue my production of ceramics.