Ko Takenaka

  • Ceramics
  • 1941 -
Ko Takenaka

Mainly producing white porcelain as well as blue and white porcelain and iron underglaze decorations.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Holder of Intangible Cultural Property of Kyoto Prefecture
  • 1941 Born in Fukui
  • 1961 Studied under Master Yuzo Kondo at Kiyomizu Kyoto
  • 1970 Built a kiln at Yamashina Kyoto
  • 1983 Submitted to "Japan Ceramic Today" in London and Washington, DC
  • 1986 Submitted to "The Beauty of White Porcelain" at Kyushu Ceramic Museum
  • 1995 Submitted to "The Japanese Studio Craft Exhibition" at Victoria and Albert Museum
  • 1996 Designated by Kyoto Prefecture as a holder of "Intangible Cultural Property"
    Submitted to "New Expression in Porcelain: Development in the 1990s" at the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo
  • 1997 Takenaka Ko Exhibition at Dewazakura Art Museum (Tendo, Yamagata)
  • 2001 Takenaka Ko Exhibition "The Beauty of Ceramics" at Chado Research Center Galleries
    Takenaka Ko Exhibition "View point from Home" at Obama, Fukui
  • 2003 Submitted to "World of White Porcelain and Celadon" at Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
    Guest artist at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
  • 2004 Solo Exhibition at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
  • 2005 Submitted to "Contemporary Clay, Japanese Ceramics for the New Century" at Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  • 2006 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Kochukyo, Tokyo ('08, '09, '12)
    Solo Exhibition at Takashimaya Art Gallery, Osaka ('10, '11)
  • 2011 Becomes member of IAC International Academy of Ceramics
  • 2013 Submitted to "Tradition and Creation – Artworks by Holders of Intangible Cultural Properties in Kyoto" Exhibition at the Museum of Kyoto
  • 2014 Takenaka Ko Exhibition at Fukui Prefectural Museum of Ceramics
  • 2015 Submitted to "Celebrating 400 Years of Rimpa, Exhibition of 200 Contemporary Artists in Kyoto" at the Museum of Kyoto
  • 2016 Solo Exhibition "White Porcelain and Overglaze Enamels" at LIXIL Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo
  • 2017 Ko Takenaka – The Art of Porcelain published by Single Cut Publishing House, Tokyo
  • Solo Exhibitions (1973 – 2017)
    Gallery Kochukyo, Kuroda Touen (Tokyo), Central Museum (Tokyo), Takashimaya, Daimaru, S. Michelle Asian Fine Art

  • 1981Recieved the Japan Ceramic Society Award
  • 2006Recieved the Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Merit Award
  • 2016Recieved the Regional Cultural Merits Award from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • British Museum
  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo
  • The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto
  • Kyoto-Fu
  • Chado Research Center Galleries
  • Dewazakura Art Museum
  • Japan Foundation
  • Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park
  • Musee Tomo

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