Daisaburo Suzuki

  • Ceramics
  • 1971 -
Daisaburo Suzuki

I was strongly attracted to "Kizeto" among the ceramics that started to be produced during the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573~1603) and started producing kizeto ware adding my own expressions.

Membership Research member, Japan Kogei Association
Member of the Okazaki Art Association
  • 1971 Born in Anjo CIty, Aichi Prefecture
  • 2002 Graduated from Gifu Prefectural Tajimmi Technical High School, Ceramics Course
    Joined the Gyokuzan kiln in Ichinokura, Tajimi (Gifu Prefecture), studied under Yasuo Tamaoki
  • 2006 Retired from the Gyokuzan kiln
    Became independent in Kasahara Town, Tajimi City, Gifu
  • 2008 Selected for the Tōkai Traditional Kōgei Exhibition for the first time, selected 10 times from this year onwards (as of 2022)
    Started teaching ceramics production techniques at vocational training center in Okazaki Medical Prison (currently teaching functional advancement)
  • 2010 Moved studio to Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture
  • 2012 Moved to Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture
  • 2020 Part-time lecturer at Anjogakuen High School teaching ceramics
  • 2021 Opened the Mairoyo kiln

  • 2021Received the Okazaki Art Association Chairman Award at the Okazaki Art Exhibition

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