Yasuhiro Asai

Box with design in makie and tortoiseshell applique. “Glimmer”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2016
  • H 11.5 x W 28.0 x D 11.1 cm
  • Sold Out

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2016
Dimensions H 11.5 x W 28.0 x D 11.1 cm
Exhibition The 63th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Yasuhiro Asai

photo Yasuhiro Asai

Using mainly togidashi makie* as well as taka makie**, raden (mother-of-pearl work) and other various material and techniques. He follows the traditional techniques of makie, but at the same time tries to add some modernness in the designs to pass down his artwork on to future generations. *Togidashi makie: applying lacquer on the makie (patterns drawn with lacquer, covered with makie powder, and lacquered again) and polishing the pattern drawn parts after the lacquer is dried. **Taka makie: raising the patterns to give it a three dimensional look.