Morihito Katsura

Obi sash clip in shape of kitakitsune.

  • Metalwork
  • Presented in 2014
  • H 1.0 x W 6.0 x D 3.5 cm
  • Not for Sale

Category Metalwork
Year Presented 2014
Dimensions H 1.0 x W 6.0 x D 3.5 cm
Exhibition The 61th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Chisel engraving

    Chisel engraving (hori) consists of using engraving chisels to embellish the surface of metalwork. Techniques include standard hairline engraving (kebori) performed with a V-shaped chisel, wedge-shaped dot engraving (keribori) performed with a triangular chisel, and metal cutting (hatsuribori) performed with especially sharp flat chisels.

Living National Treasure Morihito Katsura

photo Morihito Katsura

Producing sword fittings such as decorative hilts, knives attached to the sheath of swords, and sheaths in the beginning of his career, and sash clip fasteners today using basic metal engraving and metal fitting techniques passed down from his ancestors. Also using engraving, relief engraving, hammering and various inlaying techniques. His designs are based on animals, insects, plants and geometric shapes.