Living National Treasure Morihito Katsura

  • Metalwork
  • 1944 -
Morihito Katsura

Producing sword fittings such as decorative hilts, knives attached to the sheath of swords, and sheaths in the beginning of his career, and sash clip fasteners today using basic metal engraving and metal fitting techniques passed down from his ancestors.
Also using engraving, relief engraving, hammering and various inlaying techniques. His designs are based on animals, insects, plants and geometric shapes.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Full Member and Advisor of the Japan Kogei Association
Japan Kōgei Association Metalworks Department, Deputy Managing Director
Status Living National Treasure (Important Intangible Cultural Property for Chisel work )
  • 1944 Born in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo
  • 1980 Artwork purchased by the Imperial Household Agency
  • 1992 Participated in the production of sacred treasures at the Shikinen Sengu Ceremony at Ise Jingu
  • 1998 Hammered incense burner purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • 2004 Submitted to the "Contemporary Japanese Metalwork Exhibition" held at the Danish Museum of Art & Design (current Design Museum Denmark) (Copenhagen)
  • 2006 Solo Exhibition held at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi
  • 2008 Designated as Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property for "Metal Chasing"
    Participated in the production of sacred treasures at the Shikinen Sengu Ceremony at Ise Jingu
  • 2010 “Metal Chasing – the Art of Katsura Morihito”, Japanese Craft Technique Documentary Film produced by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • 2011 The 58th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    "Black-spotted Pond Frog Obi Sash Clip" purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • 2012 Submitted to the “Masters of Traditional Crafts” Special Exhibition at the Palace Hotel
    Solo Exhibition at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi
  • 2013 Received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon
  • 2014 Submitted to "The Present of Living National Treasures" Exhibition at Tokyo National Museum
    Submitted to "The Creators of Beauty" Exhibition at Jingu Art Museum
  • 2015 Received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette
  • 2016 Moriyuki / Morihito Katsura Father and Son Exhibition at Yakushiji Temple (Nara)
  • 2018 "Living National Treasure Morihito Katsura - The World of Metal Craft" Exhibition at Nerima Art Museum
    ”Super Technique - Morihito Katsura's Metal Chasing" published
  • 2020 Artwork purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
  • 2021 Received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon
  • Current Status
    Judge and Evaluator at the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Principal of the Katsura Metal Chasing School
    Visiting Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design

  • 1975Received the Incentive Award at the 5th Metalworks Traditional Kōgei Exhibition ('77 '78 '98)
  • 1995Received the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award at the 25th Metalworks Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1998Received the Tokyo Governor Award at the 45th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Received the Japan Kogei Association Award at the 28th Metalworks Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2009Received the Soukeikai Grand Award from the Soukeikai Foundation

  • Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • Imperial Household Agency
  • National Crafts Museum
  • Nerima Art Museum
  • Jingu Art Museum
  • Meiji Jingu
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
  • Yakushiji Temple (Nara)
  • Matsushita Museum Gardens Shinshin-an (Kyoto)

Price Range

$ 12,000 - 32,000

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