Nobuo Matsubara Cloth for kimono with design in nagaita-chūgata. “Ripple pattern”

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Category Textiles
Exhibition The 61st Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (2014)
Awards Prince Takamatsu Memorial Award

Living National Treasure Nobuo Matsubara

photo Nobuo Matsubara

I use the nagaita chugata dyeing method which is a traditional dyeing method for summer kimonos that started in the Edo period, and create textiles that are suitable for our modern life. My grandfather, Sadakichi Matsubara, was a living national treasure, and I learned his techniques from my father. My artwork is mainly exhibited at the Japan Tradional Kogei Exhibition, Textiles Traditional Kogei Exhibition, Exhibition of East Japan Traditional Kogei, and the Chiba Prefecture Art Exhibition, but I also hold a number of solo exhibitions and workshops.