photo <i>Nagaita chūgata</i>


While Edo komon consists of fine designs applied to silk, nagaita chūgata (“long-board medium-pattern”) fabrics are made by applying larger designs to cotton for yukata (informal summer kimono) using a long board of about 6.5 meters.
A stencil is used to apply a paste-resist pattern to both sides of the fabric, which is then dyed to create a crisp indigo pattern on a white ground. Nagaita chūgata is a traditional dyeing technique.


  • 1.Cotton fabric is mounted on a long board and a stencil is used to apply a red-colored paste resist to both sides.
  • 2.A solution of ground soybeans in water is applied to both sides of the fabric with a brush.
  • 3.The entire fabric is dip dyed in indigo.
  • 4.The red paste resist is washed away with water, revealing the finished indigo pattern.
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