Takako Saito

Kimono with design in stencil resist picture dyeing. “Hill of tufted vetches”

  • Textiles
  • Presented in 2014
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Category Textiles
Year Presented 2014
Exhibition The 61th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Takako Saito

photo Takako Saito

Expressing the delicate senses of the seasons in Japan in kimonos and obi saches using kata-ezome* stencil dyeing techniques with plants and flowers as motifs. The whole process of producing the kimono is done by the artist herself, from designing and carving the stencils to fitting the kimono, to maintain designs with high creativity and originality. *Kata-ezome: A stencil dyeing method. Compared to traditional stencil dyeing, the stencils produced by the artist are more picturesque and unique.