Yukiko Takebe

Obi Sash with Embroidery "To the Other Side"

  • Textiles
  • Presented in 2023
  • Not for Sale

Category Textiles
Year Presented 2023
Exhibition The 57th Textiles Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Embroidery

    In Japan, embroidery (shishū) dates back to the Asuka period (592–710). Dyed threads are handsewn into fabric with a needle to create designs.

Yukiko Takebe

photo Yukiko Takebe

Although a “kimono” when stored is two-dimensional, it becomes three-dimensional when worn I found this aspect of kimono so interesting, I was inspired to study Japanese embroidery. By applying the suganui embroidery technique, which is rather static, I try to express a stereoscopic or spatial world. I am producing obi sashes and hakoseko (tissue holders) for kimono.