Morio Miyagi

  • Textiles
  • 1978 -
Morio Miyagi

MIYAGI’s works are characterized by his bright designs drawing upon the local island nature and they are so alive you can almost feel and smell the fresh winds and fragrances of Okinawa.
His forte includes his new attempts to use bingata* for other items than kimono fabrics, and tube drawing, which is another bingata technique.
*Colorful dyed fabrics indigenous to Okinawa

Membership Associate member, Japan Kogei Association
Member, Okiten
Deputy chairman, Ryukyu Bingata Business Cooperative
  • 1978 Born in Naha CIty, Okinawa
  • 1996 Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Shuri High School, Design Course
  • 1998 Graduated from Nara College of Arts, Fine Arts Department, Dyeing and Weaving Course
  • 2000 Graduated from Nara College of Arts, Dyeing and Weaving Advanced Course
    Studied under Eijun Shiroma at the Shiroma Bingata Workshop.
  • 2002 Becomes independent and opens workshop, "Ryukyu Bingata Moribin"
  • 2006 Builds new workshop in Itoman in November
  • 2010 Submitted to and selected for the 57th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition for thefirst time
    Becomes Associate Member of the Japan Kōgei Association
  • 2011 Collaboration with "Shirayuki Fukin"
  • 2012 Becomes Associate Member of Okiten
    Becomes Vice Chairman of the Rykyu Bingata Business Cooperative (– 2006)
  • 2013 First Solo Exhibition at Ryubo Art Gallery
  • 2014 Becomes Full Member of Okiten
  • 2016 Collaboration with "BEAMS" and "Shirayuki Fukin"
  • 2017 Morio Miyagi Bingata Exhition at Ginza Mitsukoshi
  • 2019 Collaboration with Yokohama DeNA Baystars
  • 2020 Collaboration with "Ryukyu Hanpu"
    Designs Bingata wall paper for guest rooms at Hoshino Resort "Hoshinoya Okinawa"
  • 2021 Collaboration with "Spingle Company"

  • 2005Received the Urazoe City Mayor Award at the 57th Okiten Exhibition
  • 2006Received the Okiten Award at the 58th Okiten Exhibition
  • 2007Received the Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (QAB) Award at the 42nd West Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2008Received the Incentive Award at the 60th Okiten Exhibition
    Received the Okinawa Craft Industry Cooperation Center Award at the 1st Okinawa Islands Craft Exhibition
    Received the Excellent Idea Award among the Excellent Okinawan Brand Products selected by Okinawa Prefecture
  • 2012Received the Excellence Award at the Okinawa Kougei Koboten
    Received the Incentive Award at the 64th Okiten Exhibition
  • 2013Received the Associate Member Award at the 65th Okiten Exhibition
  • 2014Received the Associate Member Award at the 66th Okiten Exhibition

  • Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum (Bingata Double-sided Glue-resist Dyed Wrapping Cloth "Peonies")
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