Yoshio Furutani

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • 1974 -
Yoshio Furutani

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
  • 1974 Born in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
  • 2001 Graduated from the Furniture Crafts Course at the Fukuchiyama Polytechnic
  • 2005 Became independent in Miyama, Kyoto
  • 2006 Selected for the 5th Wooden Chairs for Living Exhibition
  • 2010 Selected for the 57th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 2011 Selected for the 40th Japanese Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition
    Selected for the 13th Traditional Bamboo and Wood Exhibition
    “Designs of Living in Finland and Japan Exhibition” at the Koumi-machi Kougen Museum of Art
    “Wooden Chairs Exhibition” at the Art Gallery in Nagoya Matsuzakaya
  • 2012 Selected for the Kyoto Art Biennale 2012
    Submitted through the recommendation of the Japan Kogei Association to the “CRIA Exhibition”, hosted by the Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation
    “6 Woodwork Artists Exhibition” at the Nagoya City Museum
    Solo exhibition at Kobe Daimaru
  • 2015 Solo exhibition at Hankyu Umeda Main Store Art Gallery
  • 2021 "Brilliant Kōgei Exhibition" at Ginza Wako Hall
  • Held solo exhibitions nationwide

  • 2011Received the Kokuga Award in the Crafts Category at the 85th Kokuten
  • 2013Received the Osaka Arts and Crafts Grand Prize at the 55th Osaka Arts and Crafts Exhibition
  • 2014Received the Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Award at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition
  • 2015Received the Honorable Mention Award at the 70th Shinshou Kogei Exhibition
  • 2016Received an award at the 90th Kokuten (National Painting Society) Exhibition
  • 2017Received the Shinshou Award at the 72nd Shinshou Kogei Exhibition
  • 2018Received the Shinshou Award at the 73rd Shinshou Kogei Exhibition
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