Yoshimitsu Kano

  • Ceramics
  • 1947 -
Yoshimitsu Kano

Producing mainly high-fired unglazed ceramics.

Membership Mino Ceramic Art Association
  • Graduated from Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Industrial Vocational School
  • Completed the Ceramic Art Major Course at Gifu Prefectural Tajimi Techinical High School
  • Selected for the Triennale of Kogei in Kanazawa
  • Selected for the Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony Oribe no Kokoro Ceramics Exhibition (selected a number of times after 1995)
  • Selected for the Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
  • Selected for the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition (selected for a number of times after 1996)
  • Submitted to the World Ceramic Art Symposium
  • Selected for the Kogei World Competition in Kanazawa (selected for a number of times after 1999)
  • Selected for the Chozasho Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition
  • Selected for the Tōkai Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (selected for more than a dozen times after 2001)
  • Selected for the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (selected for a number of times after 2001)
  • Becomes Full Member of the Japan Kogei Association
  • Water Container with Purple Fire Marks permanently stored at MinoCeramic Art Museum, Tajimi
  • Vase with Purple Fire Marks donated to Mizunami City, Gifu
  • Awarded as Person of Merits for Inheritance of Traditional Culture in Gifu
  • Ceramic Tanka (Japanese poems) Panel Exhibition at the Mizunami City Library

  • Received the Special Award at the Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition
    Received the Chunichi Incentive Award at the Mino Togei Exhibition
    Received the Excellent Work Award at the Shoroku Chawan Competition
    Received the Grand Award at the Shoroku Chawan Competition

  • Mino Ceramic Art Museum, Tajimi
  • Mizunami Ceramic Museum
  • Mizunami City Hall
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