Living National Treasure Imaemon Imaizumi

  • Ceramics
  • 1962 -
Imaemon Imaizumi

IMAIZUMI pursues contemporary Iro-Nabeshima porcelain.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Japan Kōgei Association
Japan Kōgei Association West Japan Branch
TOBI, the Ceramic Art Society of Japan
Saga Ceramic Art Association
Arita Ceramic Art Association
Status Living National Treasure (Important Intangible Cultural Property for overglaze enamel decorated porcelain )
  • 1962 Born in Arita City, Saga Prefecture
  • 1985 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design (Metalwork major)
    Joined Nic in Fukuoka
  • 1988 Studied under Osamu Suzuki in Kyoto
  • 1990 Started following his family business under his father, 13th Generation Imaemon in Arita
  • 1995 Submitted to Eight Ceramic Artists in Kyushu Exhibition
  • 1996 Selected for the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Becomes curator at Imaemon Museum of Ceramic Antiques
  • 1997 Selected for the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
  • 2001 Submitted to the Clayworks Two-person Exhibition
  • 2002 Succeded to the name 14th generation Imaizumi Imaemon
    Becomes Director of Imaemon Museum of Ceramic Antiques
    Becomes Chairman of the Iro-Nabeshima Imaemon Ceramic Techniques Preservation Society
  • 2009 Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon
  • 2010 Invited to submit to the 1st Trienalle of KOGEI in Kanazawa
    Recommended as Director of the Japan Kōgei Association
  • 2011 Invited to submit to Heart Art in Rome 2011 La Luce Exhibition in Italy
  • 2012 Recommended as Secretary General of the Japan Kōgei Association West Branch
  • 2014 Recommended as Chairman of the Arita Ceramic Art Association
    Designated as Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property for "Overglaze Enamel Porcelain" (Living National Treasure)
  • 2017 Announced collaboration "Baccarat meets IMAEMON" with Baccarat
    "Tradition and Innovation in Nabeshima Porcelain Decorated with Overglaze Enamels
    by the Imaizumi Imaemon Family" Exhibition (sponsered by Asahi Shimbun etc.) (– 2018)
    Dedicated Mitsu gusoku (three articles for the Budhist alter) to Yakushiji Temple, Nara
  • 2018 Becomes Chairman of the Saga Ceramic Art Association
  • 2020 Recommended as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japan Kōgei Association

  • 1996Received the Governor Award at the Saga Prefectural Art Exhibition
  • 1997Selected for the Izushi Porcelain Triennale
    Received the Kagoshima Broadcasting Station (KKB) Award at the West Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1998Received the Japan Kogei Association Chairman Award at the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Received the Bank of Saga Cultural Foundation New Artist Award
    Received the Incentive Award at the Saga Shimbun Cultural Awards
  • 2002Received the Issuikai Award at the Issuikai Ceramics Exhibition
  • 2004Received the Tokyo Governor Award at the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2008Received the Excellence Award at the West Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Received the Excellence Award in the Crafts Category at the Mokichi Okada Award Exhibition
  • 2012Received the Japan Ceramic Society Award

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Nationa Crafts Museum
  • The Museumof CeramicArt, Hyogo
  • The Kyushu Ceramic Museum
  • MOA Museum of Art
  • Tsurui Museum of Art
  • Imura Art Museum
  • Dazaifu Tenmangu Museum
  • Yutoku Inari Shrine
  • The British Museum
  • Auckland Art Gallery (New Zealand)
  • Yakushiji Temple
  • Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
  • Hagi Uragami Museum
  • Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum
  • Musee Tomo

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$ 300 - 31,000

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