Keiko Kuroda

  • Glasswork
  • 1967 -
Keiko Kuroda

Membership Research member, Japan Kogei Association
  • 2006 Selected for the Osaka Arts & Crafts Exhibition at the Asia and Pacific Trade Center (Also selected in 2007 and 2009)
  • 2007 Selected for the Kyoten at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (Also selected in 2009)
  • 2010 Selected for the Kyoto Kogei Biennale (Museum of Kyoto)
    Selected for the 56th All Kansai Exhibition (Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts)
  • 2011 Selected for the 40th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition
    Selected for the 23rd Traditional Art Crafts Miscellaneous Crafts Exhibition (Mitsukoshi main store)
    Keiko Kuroda Glass Crafts Solo Exhibition at Kyoto Takashimaya Arts & Crafts Salon
  • 2014 Selected for the 43rd Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition
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