Seiichi Kakutani

  • Metalwork
  • 1939 -
Seiichi Kakutani

Producing modern style tea kettles while keeping in mind the restrictions of tea ceremony. For example, the lines around the shoulders and body are designed to look as if they are connected to the lug holes. The square and octagonal shapes are also a new kind of design.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Holder of Intangible Cultural Property of Osaka
Member of the Japan Kōgei Association Kinki Branch, Metalwork Department
Honorary Chairman of the Osaka Arts and Crafts Association
Chairmand of the Arts d Crafts Association of Higashiosaka
Studio Kakutani Ikkei Workshop
  • 1958 Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Kogei Senior High School, Metalwork Department
    Studied design at Ochanomizu Art College
  • 1960 Studied under his father Ikkei
  • 1965 Submitted to and selected for the first time at the 12th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1968 Submitted to the Osaka Arts and Crafts Exhibition (submitted several times from this year onward)
  • 1981 Evaluator at the Osaka Arts and Crafts Exhibition and Kinki Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1987 Awarded by the Higashiosaka Cultural Federation
  • 1991 Awarded by the Governor of Osaka (cultural award)
  • 1993 Evaluator at the 40th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1995 Artwork added to the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, UK
  • 2005 Invited to submit to the Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition (Seoul)
    Submitted to "Japanese Art in Asia" Exhibition (Bangkok)
  • 2006 Submitted to the Japan-Korea Crafts and Culture Exchange Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center Osaka)
  • 2014 Designated as Intangible Cultural Property of Osaka

  • 1968Received the Governor Award at the Osaka Arts and Crafts Exhibition (3 times in total)
  • 1974Received the Konosuke Matsushita Special Award at the Kinki Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1980Received the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Award at the Metalwork New Works Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1988Received the Incentive Award at the Contemporary Metal Casting Craft Exhibition
  • 1991Received the Asahi Shimbun Award at the 38th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2004Received the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award at the Metalwork Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Victoria and Albert Museum (UK)

Kakutani Ikkei Workshop

Address 2-7-6 Takaidanishi, Higashiosaka, Osaka Map
Phone 06-6782-3377

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