Yozaemon Yashiki

  • Ceramics
  • 1945 -
Yozaemon Yashiki

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
  • 1977 Apprenticed to Saga Prefectural Important Intangible Cultural Property and Contemporary Master Craftsman NAKAMURA Seiroku
  • 1989 Passed the 1st Class National Trade Skill Test (Hand wheel)
  • 1991 First group exhibition in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Held triennially up until 2005 (6 times), and held annually since 2006. Became independent
  • 1993 His work was purchased by the Imperial Household Agency
    Designated by the Minister of International Trade and Industry as a Traditional Craftsman of Imari and Arita Wares
  • 1998 Vocational Training Instructor’s License
    Changed his pseudonym from “Shugaku” to “Yozaemon”
  • 1999 Solo exhibition at the Jewelry Tower Tasaki Ginza, Tokyo
  • 2000 Designated as the first Saga Prefectural Meister (Turner)
    Held lathing demonstrations and exhibitions across South Korea (-2003)
  • 2002 Solo exhibition at Ebisu Gallery arranged by Saga City
  • 2003 Selected for the 49th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. His work was purchased by the Imperial Household Agency
  • 2007 Group exhibition titled “30th Anniversary of Ceramic-making”
  • 2008 Designated as a Zengiren Meister
  • 2009 Held a ceramics workshop at Arao Municipal Hirai Elementary School (Alma mater)
  • 2011 Designated as an Outstanding Skilled Worker (Contemporary Master Craftsman) by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • 2012 Received a commendation from the governor for Distinguished Services to the Prefectural Administration
    Received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon
  • 2013 Designated as a Crafts Meister
    Contemporary Master Craftsman
    Zengiren Meister, 1st Class Skilled Worker, Saga Prefectural Meister, Crafts Meister, Member of the Saga Ceramic Art Association, Full member of the Japan Kogei Association, Traditional Craftsman of Imari and Arita Wares, Member of the National Japanese Sencha Crafts Association

  • 1989Received the Governor of Saga Award for the top score at the 1st Class National Trade Skill Test (Hand wheel).
  • 2001Received the Grand Prize (Association Toulouse-Midi-Pyrénées-Japon President’s Award) at the “Earth Series” (Earth is a Paradise) Memorial Art Festival Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Toulouse Lautrec’s Death
    Official member of the Salon de Lautrec
  • 2003Received the Zengiren President’s Award
  • 2008Received the Governor of Saga Award (Best Skilled Worker)
  • Awards
    Saga Prefectural Art Exhibition, Saga Art Association Exhibition, Kyusyu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition, West Japan Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Western Japan Ceramic Exhibition, Nagasaki Ceramic Art Exhibition, Issuikai Exhibition, International Ceramics Exhibition, Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, Japan’s Traditional Craft Competition, Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition, Aoki Traditional Gardening Bonsai Wares Exhibition, Japan Sencha Crafts Exhibition, Japanese Traditional Craftsmen Association Exhibition
    (Selected and awarded)
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