Yoshiko Umezawa

  • Cloisonné enamel work
  • 1952 -
Yoshiko Umezawa

Using thick wires that have a rich and strong power of expression while paying much attention to the balance of the wires and cloisonne when working on her artwork.
* Making cloisonne using thick wires is a technique where thick silver wires are used instead of thin ribbon type wires that are usually used to separate the colors.

  • 1982 Selected for the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition, the East Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition, and the Other Crafts Traditional Kōgei Exhibition each for the first time
  • 1986 Produces the cloisonne part of the pipe organ in St. Gregory House (Tokyo)
  • 1988 Selected for the first time for the International Jewellery Exhibition
  • 2009 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Ren
  • 2012 Solo Exhibition "Beautiful Things" at Ando Cloisonne (Ginza, Tokyo)
    Invited to submit to special exhibitions and group exhibitions
    Artwork purchased by the President of the Czech Republic
  • Studied under
    Hiroshi Ino, Western paintings
    Terukazu Tanaka,Cloisonne
    Norihiro Kiuchi, Jewelry

  • 2005Selected for the Other Crafts Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2006Selected for the East Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
17 artworks posted