Fugetsu Murakoshi

  • Ceramics
  • 1950 -
Fugetsu Murakoshi

I work with vermilion clay, rich in iron and used for Tokoname ware, and by changing the amount of ingredients mixed into the clay I create a profound depth on the work surface. For shaping I mainly use the pottery wheel and finish works so as to leave a touch of the wheel.
When firing, I create reddish brown earthenware with oxidized firing, and I also use reduced firing to make teapots with the mogake technique (wrapping the clay teapot with algae). I also create ceramics with carbonized black, or with two colors, black and red, which spontaneously fuse during firing.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
National Japanese Sencha Crafts Association
  • 1950:Born in a pottery, Tokoname City
    Studied under potter YAMADA Jozan III, living national treasure
    Director, Japan Sencha Arts and Crafts Association
    Selected 7 times for Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
    Selected for Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition
    Selected for Ceramics Biennale '89
    Selected for Shigaraki Ceramic Art Exhibition
    Selected for Mashiko Ceramics Competition
    Selected 3 times for Chunichi International Exhibition of Ceramic Arts
    Selected 20 times for Tokai Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
    Selected more than 10 times for Chozasho Tokoname Ceramic Art
    Selected to submit to Grand Tea Ceremony, National Cultural Festival
    Celebrating Expo 2005 Aichi Japan
    Selected to submit to Japan's Six Oldest Kilns Artwork Exhibition
    Submitted to Selected Artists Teapot Exhibition, Sun Gallery Sumie
    Solo exhibition, Nihonbashi Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo,
    and two more solo exhibitions

  • Received the First Minister of Education Incentive Award
    at the 7th Japan Sencha Crafts Exhibition
  • Received the Japan Senchado Association Award
    (at the 8th Exhibition)
  • Received the Japan Sencha Arts and Crafts Association
    Incentive Award 3 times
  • Received the Chozasho Award at the Chozasho Ceramics Exhibition
  • Received the Incentive Award at both the Chozasho Ceramics
    Exhibition and the Pottery Exhibition
  • Received the Jozan Award at the Pottery Promotion Exhibition
  • Received the Outstanding Skilled Worker Award from
    the Governor of Aichi Prefecture
  • Received the Japan Kogei Association Award at
    the 42th Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Ceramic Art
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