Michiko Sugiura

  • Dolls
  • 1954 -
Michiko Sugiura

The method that I use is called mokushin toso washibari, which is forming the piece over a wooden core with toso (mixture of sawdust of paulownia wood and wheat starch) , applying gofun (whitewash), covering with Japanese traditional paper and coloring.
Basically, I make dolls, but I exaggerate or simplify the form so that the people who see my work can relate to it more.
I also try to make the dolls to match the modern living space. In modern life, we are unable to understand people's feelings, or their state of mind right away just from how they look. I try to simplify the appearance as much as I can so that they can be easily understood.
There are various kinds of Japanese traditional paper, but I sometimes dye my own paper or arrange the paper to change the texture. I also use other various material such as fabric, metallic foil, whitewash, mineral pigments, etc. on making my art work.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Director of Japan Kogei Association
  • 1954 Born in Fuji Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture
  • 1996 Studies under Nobuko AKIYAMA
  • 2005 Three person exhibition at Takashimaya, Osaka
  • 2013 Exhibited at "From Crafts to Kogei" Exhibition (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
  • 2020 Exhibited at "Kogei 2020 - The Art of Crafting Beauty from Nature" Exhibition (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)

  • 1999Received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner's Award at the 17th Dolls Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2004Received the New Artist Award at the 51st Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2011Received the Miyagi Governor Award at the 51st East Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 2014Received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner's Award at the 27th Dolls Traditional KōgeiExhibition (second time)
  • 2016Received the Tokyo Governor Award at the 63rd Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition

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$ 2,000 - 3,000

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