Yoshinori Hirabayashi

  • Cloisonné enamel work
  • 1958 -
Yoshinori Hirabayashi

I find the matière (texture effect) of clay glazes interesting, and produce my works to explore the endless possibilities. My desire is to keep pursuing new expressions and style.

Membership Research member, Japan Kogei Association
Nagano Prefectural Crafts Association
  • 1958 Born in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
  • 1981 Graduated from the Asagaya College of Art and Design
  • 1998 Started submitting entries to the Japanese Traditional
    Art Crafts New Works Exhibition(1998-)

  • 2002Received the Governor’s Award at the Nagano Crafts Exhibition
  • 2002Received the President’s Award at the Nagano Crafts Exhibition
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