Shunuemon Yamaguchi

  • Ceramics
  • 1948 -
Shunuemon Yamaguchi

To create a soft form, I try to make the mouth of the vessel wavy using curves. I fire the vessel at a high temperature for a long time, which gives the vessel transparency, so the inner side looks slightly bluish.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Steering committee and selection committee member of the Nagasaki Prefectural Selected Artists Exhibition
Executive committee member and judge at the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Exhibition
Councilor at the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Association
  • Started making ceramics at the age of 26 (white porcelain)
  • 1974 Submitted to and selected for the first time for the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Exhibition (submitted every year from this year onward and awarded several times)
  • 1981 Selected for the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition for the first time, selected 34 times from this year onward
  • 1982 Presented White Porcelain Flower Vase to Vatican City for the Showa Youth Mission's visit
  • 1984 Becomes Full Member of the Japan Kōgei Association
    Starts exhibiting artwork at the "Ceramics of Kyushu Today" corner at Kyushu Ceramic Museum, every year from this year onward
  • 1989 Received a visit from Kosho Shimizu, elder of Todaiji (Nara)
    Painted Shunuemon Yamaguchi's ceramics
  • 1995 Presented "White Porcelain Faceted Jar" to Imperial Prince Hitachinomiya on his visit to Nagasaki
  • 1996 Submitted to "Quiet clarity "Rin" : Beauty in Contemporary Ceramics"
  • 2009 Submitted to "Craftworks of Today in Kyushu and Okinawa – Tradition and Creation" at Kyushu National Museum
  • 2018 Submitted to Japan – China Relations 40th Anniversary "Japan – China Art Exchange Exhibition" sponsored by Nagasaki Prefecture
  • 2019 Donated "White Porcelain Heptagonal Jar" selected for the Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition to Nagasaki Prefecture in commemoration of the completion of the new goverment building (currently exhibited in the governor's office)

  • 1986Received the Governor's Award (second place) at the Kyushu-Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition
  • 1990Received the Japan Kōgei Association Full Member Award at the West Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (awarded twice)
    Received the Gold Award at the International Ceramic Arts Exhibition in Fukuoka
  • 1991Received the Grand Award at the Kogei World Competition in Kanazawa
  • 1992Received the Kawasaki Kinen Award at the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition
    Received the Judge's Special Award at International Ceramics Festival Mino '92 (The International Academy of Ceramic Arts' Chairman Award)
  • 1994Received the Ceramics Incentive Award at the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition

  • Kyushu Ceramic Museum (permanent exhibition)

Price Range

$ 6,000 - 14,000

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