Living National Treasure Yasumasa Komiya

  • Textiles
  • 1956 -
Yasumasa Komiya

The techniques for Edo Komon developed during the Edo period in order to dye hakama (skirtlike trousers) for the samurai and kimonos for the townspeople.
The word "Edo Komon" did not exist from the beginning. It was named "Edo Komon" when my grandfather Kosuke Komiya was designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property to differentiate it from other types of komon.
I aim to dye Edo Komon, dyed in a single color, in a color with translucency like a gem; a clear and bright color that doesn't lose its brilliance for many years.
While succeeding the techniques from the Edo period, I have made improvements in my textiles to make Edo Komon match our modern lifestyle.

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Status Living National Treasure (Important Intangible Cultural Property for Edo Komon )
  • 1956 Born in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, as the eldest son of KOMIYA Yasutaka
  • 1972 Started studying under his father
  • 1980 Selected for the 27th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition for the first time
  • 1988 His work was purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • 1989 Judge at the 26th Japan Traditional Textile Arts Exhibition
    Submitted to the “Revival of the Yukata” Exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • 2007 Judge at the 54th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 2010 Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon
  • 2015 "Edo Komon Today" exhibition at the Silk Museum
  • 2018 Designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property

  • 1983Received the Minister of Education, Science and Culture Prize at the 30th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 1990Received the 10th Anniversary Special POLA Excellence Award
  • 1994Received the Excellence Award at the 7th MOA Mokichi Okada Awards
  • 2006Received the Prince Takamatsu Memorial Prize at the 53rd Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

  • National Crafts Museum
  • The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
  • Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art
  • Agency for Cultural Affairs

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