Rie Sasaki

  • Textiles
  • 1963 -
Rie Sasaki

I wanted to make textiles that take advantage of the characteristics of my hometown Fukui ever since I started making textiles. Chikushi (bamboo film) is made of Echizen Washi (traditional Japanese paper) made from 50% bamboo fiber, 25% gampi (species of a flowering plant), and 25% paper mulberry. I cut the bamboo film thinly and twist them into thread. I mix them with plant dyed silk threads to weave textiles with a unique texture.

Membership Associate member, Japan Kogei Association
  • 1963 Born in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture
  • 1984 Graduated from Jinai Women's College, Department of Home Economics
    Studied and worked on restoration of "Ishidajima", a cotton textile made in Sabae until the early Showa period (1940s) while in college
  • 1989 Presented "Echizen Ishidajima" based on "Ishidajima" where bamboo film (chikushi) is woven into the the cotton textile
    Continues to produce the textile from this year onward
  • 1999 Becomes in charge of production of pulp cloth products as a part of the Tannan Industrial Exchange Program (– 2009)
  • 2008 Provided technical support on the establishment of Sabae Fiber Association Ishidajima Handweaving Center
    Works as weaving instructor (– 2013)
  • 2009 Started producing obi sashes made of bamboo film textiles
  • 2011 Selected for the 45th Textiles Traditional Kōgei Exhibition for the first time
  • 2014 Selected for the Japan Folk Crafts Museum New Works Competition and Exhibition for the first time
  • 2015 Echizen Ishidajima designated as Fukui Prefecture's Local Handicraft
  • 2017 Selected for the 64th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition for the first time

  • 2007Received the Fukui Prefecture Cultural Encouragement Award
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