Naoki Nishimura

  • Ceramics
  • 1958 -
Naoki Nishimura

Forming potter's clay on a potter's wheel and inlaying. Also forming semi-porcelain clay using the potter's wheel or by slab building, and making patterns using the nerikomi techinique (layering or combining different colors of clay to make marbleized clay).

Membership Full member, Japan Kogei Association
Member of the Kyoto Kogei Association
  • 1958 Born in Nishijin, Kyoto
  • 1976 Graduated from Hiyoshigaoka High School, Arts and Crafts Course, Pottery Department
  • 1978 Graduated from Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Ceramics Major
  • 1979 Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural Ceramists’ Vocational School, Molding Course
  • 1983 Builds a kiln at his home in Horikawa Kuramaguchi, Kyoto
  • 1990 Becomes independent and builds a kiln at the current location, Mizuho, Kyoto

  • Selected for the 38th Shinsho Kogei Exhibition
    Selected for the 12th Kinki Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Selected for the 32nd Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Received the Daikakuji Award at the 1st Daikakuji Temple Flower Vase Exhibition

Price Range

$ 100 - 4,000

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