Kamio Ogata

  • Ceramics
  • 1949 - 2022
Kamio Ogata

Specializing in neriage (marbleized clay) works. I make a 14-color gradation of the base color, combine them, and shape them using a mold or pottter's wheel. I make ridges on the surface of my artwork.

  • 1949 Born in Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido
  • 1983 Builds a kiln in Shinshinotsu Village
  • 1985 East Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition / Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
  • 1986 Chunichi International Exhibition of Ceramic Arts
  • 1998 Mashiko Ceramics Competition
  • 2000 The Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony
  • 2003 Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition / Becomes Full Member of the Japan Kōgei Association
  • 2004 Article "Pottery as a Traditional Craft" published in magazine "Honoo Geijutsu" Vol. 79
  • 2005 Kikuchi Biennale
  • 2006 Cool & Sophisticated: Contemporary Master Ceramists of Eastern Japan (Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum)
  • 2007 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition / Choza Award Tokoname Ceramic Exhibition
  • 2008 Holds a Neriage course at the Ebetsu City Ceramic Art Center
  • 2009 Starts writing regularly for Monthly Magazine "Tohyu" for a year from the November edition
    Joan B Mirviss Ltd. Exhibition "Eastern Departures" (New York)
  • 2010 East Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition (MOA Museum of Art)
    Joan B Mirviss Ltd. Exhibition "Blue" (New York)
  • 2013 Joan B Mirviss Ltd. Exhibition "The Eight Winds" (New York)
    Neriage special feature article published in "Honoo Geijutsu" Vo. 116
  • 2014 Into the Fold Exhibition (The Harn Museum of Art, Florida)
  • 2015 "Tsubo: The Art of the Vessel" (New York)
    "Ancient to Modern: Japanese Contemporary Ceramics and their Sources (San Antonio Museum of Art, Texas)
    Shinshinotsu Village 120th Anniversary Joint Exhibition of Pottery and Japanese (collaboration with Amanatsu Aono)
  • 2016 A Palette for Genius (New York)
  • 2017 "Ceramics by the Japan Ceramic Society Award Winners" Exhibition (Wako, Ginza)
    Moves studio to Iwamizawa
  • 2018 ”Japan Now: Form + Function" (The Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada)
    Published in ”Directory of Master Craftsmen and Artists" (published by Tankosha)
  • 2019 Solo Exhibition at the Joan B Mirviss Ltd. Gallery (New York)
  • 2020 Time Travellers - Joint Exhibition of Ogata Kamio and Kazunori Ohnaka (Touch Ceramics, Hong Kong)
  • 2021 Solo Exhibition at Touch Ceramics Gallery (Hong Kong), Tobiten, Two-person Exhibition with Peter Hamann (Kakiden Gallery, Tokyo)
  • <Solo Exhibitions>
    Kogei Murata (Ginza, Tokyo), Tokyo American Club, Nakamura Art Salon (Ibaraki), Inui Gallery (Akasaka, Tokyo), Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Rakubido Chatokan (Yamagata), Kogei Ima (Ginza, Tokyo), Saito Gallery (Sapporo),  Ginza Ippodo Gallery, Abeno Harukas Art Gallery, Joan B Mirviss Ltd. Gallery (New York), Touch Ceramics Gallery (Hong Kong), etc.

  • 1988Received the Hokkaido Shimbun Award at the Traditional Kōgei New Works Exhibition (also in '95 and '05)
  • 1998Received the Judge's Special Award at the Mashiko Ceramics Competition (also in '00)
  • 2005Received the TOKI Oribe Silver Award at the Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony
    Received the East Japan Branch Award at the Traditional Kōgei New Works Exhibition
  • 2016Received the Japan Ceramic Society "Modern Ceramics Encouragement Prize”

  • The Metropolian Museum of Art
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Museum of FIne Arts, Boston
  • Saint Louis Art Museum
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Asian Art Museum (San Francisco, California)

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