Tomomi Akashi

  • Ceramics
  • 1990 -
Tomomi Akashi

Membership Associate member, Japan Kogei Association
  • 1990 Born in Nagoya, Aichi
  • 2015 Graduated from Aichi University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Ceramics Master's Course (graduation work purchased)
    Selected for the 45th Tōkai Traditional Kōgei Exhibition (selected every year from this year onward)
  • 2017 Selected for the 10th Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony (also selected for the 14th)
    Selected for the 6th Soba Choko Art Exhibition
  • 2018 Completed a course at Seto Blue and White Ceramics Center
  • 2021 Selected for the 8th Tobiten
    Selected for the 68th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Selected for the 9th Kikuchi Biennale
  • Currently working in Nanjo City, Okinawa

  • 2015Received the Toshihiko Isa Award at the 70th Shinsho Kogei Exhibition
  • 2021Received the Japan Kōgei Association Award at the 52nd Tōkai Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
    Received the Judge's Special Award at the Kasama Ceramic Award Exhibition

Price Range

$ 60 - 2,000

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