Katsuyuki Okada

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • 1943 -
Katsuyuki Okada

The style of the work can be summed up as chameleon-like.
As he hates being fixed to and being known for a particular design, the works range from bold, manly items to very delicate, feminine pieces.
He is inspired and motivated by his unique outlook on life.

  • 1943 Born in the city of Hamada, Shimane prefecture. As a bug enthusiast, childhood was spent going to play in the middle of the mountains on a daily basis.
  • 1956 At age 13, he started to apprentice for his father, a wood joinery carpenter.
  • 1958 Attained the highest level for a wood joinery license.
  • 1978 Attained the highest level for a furniture making license.
  • 1979 Moved to the city of Okayama and established his business.

  • Received the Shimane Prefecture Furniture Competition Prefectural Governor's Award
  • Received the Asahi Modern Craft Exhibit Award
18 artworks posted