Michiyo Kitaoka

Kanshitsu box with design in kinma. “Random thoughts”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2022
  • H 10.4 x W 28.8 x D 13.0 cm
  • $5,448

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I've once heard that after reincarnating 100 thousand times as humans, people can reincarnate as a lotus if a plant, or a dolphin if an animal in their next life.
Seeing the dolphins swimming elegantly in the water at the aquarium, I always thought that I would like to reincarnate as a dolphin. I made this piece thinking that when the time comes and I reincarnate as a dolphin, I may not remember the dolphins that I saw when I was a human.

I made the base with dry lacquer. After painting layers of black lacquer for more than 10 times, I carved a large oval on the entire piece.
I added blue and green colored lacquers while changing the colors little by little and polished it. I carved the dolphins with dots and applied blue lacquer.

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2022
Dimensions H 10.4 x W 28.8 x D 13.0 cm
Exhibition The 69th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition