Sachiko Kobayashi

Cotton Futsu Kimono "One Spring Day"

  • Textiles
  • Presented in 2022
  • Not for Sale

Category Textiles
Year Presented 2022
Exhibition The 56th Textiles Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Awards Incentive Award / Mitsukoshi Isetan Award

  • Fūtsū double weave cloth

    Fūtsū double weave cloth (fūtsū ori) is a type of compound weave that uses two different sets of colored warp threads. The figuring on both faces of the resulting double-layered cloth have an inverted color relationship. Fūtsū (lit. “wind passes through”) refers to the opening between the two layers of cloth.

Sachiko Kobayashi

photo Sachiko Kobayashi

Using thin cotton threads, I weave textiles using a double weaving technique called "futsuori" to express the scenery in my mind. I use plant dye and design stripes and mosaic patterns. As different colored threads are used on the front and back side, although the patterns are the same, the colors look different. For example, if the threads are 10 different colors, you can express 100 different colors by changing the combination of warp and weft threads.