Tomohiro Kitagawa

Pink and White Porcelain Incense Burner with Diamond Patterns

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2019
  • H 13.0 / ø 11.0 cm
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I inlayed metal (chromium) on the white porcelain base and used the chromium pink technique where the metal and glaze react from firing and the color becomes pink. By blocking the reaction, the color can become gray.
By changing the concentration of the metal slip to be inlayed and changing the firing, a pink gray gradation can be created.

I am thinking of a new direction for my artwork, taking this chromium pink technique to the next stage to create soft and warm pieces with porcelain.
In this piece, I made round patterns to be connected up to the knob, and tried to fuse the patterns with the form of the vessel. I carved the base to make circular bumps and dips, and made them overlap the pink and gray gradation circular patterns to make the patterns look three-dimensional.

Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2019
Dimensions H 13.0 / ø 11.0 cm
Materials Porcelain clay
Exhibition The 47th Ceramics Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Tomohiro Kitagawa

photo Tomohiro Kitagawa

Mainly producing white porcelain and tohakuji (pale pink porcelain). I use motifs of natural phenomenons that can be seen in the winter in Hokkaido such as icicles, ice and snow to create cooler and sharper designs. I try to make pieces with soft and warm designs using the technique I named tohakuji, which is inlaying metal on a white porcelain base. After firing, the inlayed metal and glaze create a gray-pink color.