Yoshiyasu Yamamoto

Unglazed High-Fired Jar with Kiln Mutation Effects

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2021
  • H 40.0 / ø 38.5 cm
  • $4,486

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The small dot patterns made from kiln mutation express stars shining in the sky at night.
The vertical ridge line creates a sense of tension.
The bright color of the rim was made unexpectedly by kiln mutation.

Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2021
Dimensions H 40.0 / ø 38.5 cm
Exhibition The 68th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Yoshiyasu Yamamoto

photo Yoshiyasu Yamamoto

Yakishime Yohen (high-fired kiln mutation) is a technique where the clay base is not glazed and patterns are made by firing inside the kiln. I try to make a new kind of high-fired ceramics thinking what kind of pottery I can make with clay and fire. I want to pursue the strength, mystery, and possiblities of clay.