Koichi Uwataki

Jar with nunozome decoration.

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2021
  • H 29.0 / ø 37.0 cm
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Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2021
Dimensions H 29.0 / ø 37.0 cm
Exhibition The 68th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Porcelain underglaze painting

    Porcelain underglaze painting (saiji) is achieved by applying colored underglaze decorations to porcelain. The vessel is then coated with a transparent glaze and fired. White porcelain is used to emphasize the painted motifs.

Koichi Uwataki

photo Koichi Uwataki

Nunozome Saiji Floral and geometric patterns standing out on a white ceramic surface. Beautiful coloring and soft light and shade give a depth to the work, which gently wraps itself around the viewer. I am working on nunozome saiji by applying my distinctive coloration and designs. Nunozome is a technique to decorate the base body using fabric. Normally in underglaze decoration patterns are depicted by painting colors or drawing outlines with a brush or the like, whereas in nunozome, firstly individual flower petals, leaves, or other shapes are drawn on nonwoven fabric, and then each one cut out to create fabric shapes. They are then placed on the biscuit-fired body, and the patterns transferred by using a brush to impregnate the color. Nunozome saiji, as the name implies, is a combination of this technique with saiji, a technique to apply colors to ceramics; I prepare my own colors by using liquid colors (gold/red) such as gold chloride.