Yuzo Kawahara

Hand-Blown Glass Flower Vase "Water Wave Pattern"

  • Glasswork
  • Presented in 2022
  • H 12.1 x W 21.2 x D 15.0 cm
  • Not for Sale

Category Glasswork
Year Presented 2022
Dimensions H 12.1 x W 21.2 x D 15.0 cm
Exhibition The 51st Kinki Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
Awards Japan Kōgei Association Kinki Branch Manager Award
Artist Signature Signature on box and piece
Notes Comes with box

Yuzo Kawahara

photo Yuzo Kawahara

KAWAHARA’s characteristic style uses gold and silver leaf for decoration, and the creation of deep colors by the multiple layering of stained glass.