Akira Watanabe

Laminated bowl with platinum and engraved decoration. “Under the moon”

  • Glasswork
  • Presented in 2020
  • H 4.5 x W 46.1 x D 39.8 cm
  • Sold Out

Expressing the glittering ripples on the water surface.
I stacked the glass plates to make the finished piece look different from every angle, and to give an impression of depth.
I expressed surging waves with the softly curved outline polished by hand.

Category Glasswork
Year Presented 2020
Dimensions H 4.5 x W 46.1 x D 39.8 cm
Materials Transparent and gray flat glass, platinum powder, dichroic glass powder
Exhibition The 67th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Kiriko cut glass

    Kiriko cut glass is made by using rotating grinders or diamond wheels to cut geometric patterns and curves into the surface of finished glass vessels. The patterns are evened and finished with fine polishing stones. Edo kiriko and Satsuma kiriko are especially famous.

Akira Watanabe

photo Akira Watanabe

WATANABE mainly works with the kiriko (cut) technique; however, he has also developed his own unique layering technique, in which powdered gold, colored glass grains or the like are dusted between several glass sheets to give a decorative effect; the sheets are then fused by using an electric furnace to create the base material with patterns of light captured inside the glass.