Yushi Ishibashi

Blue glazed jar with colored and incised decoration. “Calmness”

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2020
  • H 31.5 / ø 31.0 cm
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Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2020
Dimensions H 31.5 / ø 31.0 cm
Exhibition The 67th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

  • Celadon

    Celadon (seiji) is a light blue-green pottery, usually porcelain or stoneware, produced by reduction firing a transparent glaze containing iron oxide. By restricting or eliminating the supply of oxygen to the kiln, the reduction firing process causes the iron in the glaze to turn bluish-green.

Yushi Ishibashi

photo Yushi Ishibashi

ISHIBASHI has taken the sandblast technique normally applied to glass, and turned it upon his ceramics, and thus entered a new world of possibilities. The base is seihakuji (pale blue porcelain) and the blast effect is applied in three layers. The gradation created by each different depth is very beautiful.