Masato Kigasawa “Prussian blue” Cut glass bowl

  • Glasswork
  • H 14.5 / ø 29.0 cm
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Blue glass with granular texture used in the bottom, and deep and thick wavy slanted lines cut on the sides with thin lines in between that create sparkles. Numerous thin lines and lens-shaped patterns are cut in the bottom glass so that the glass glitters like diamond dust.

Category Glasswork
Dimensions H 14.5 / ø 29.0 cm
Materials Blue glass with granular texture used in the bottom

  • Kiriko cut glass

    Kiriko cut glass is made by using rotating grinders or diamond wheels to cut geometric patterns and curves into the surface of finished glass vessels. The patterns are evened and finished with fine polishing stones. Edo kiriko and Satsuma kiriko are especially famous.