Shinkyo Nakamura “Shining bright” Ceramic sculpture with polychromy

  • Dolls
  • Created in 2018
  • H 43 cm
  • $11,023
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The Japanese title of this piece,"Kakuen" means shining brightly red. This is a man from the ancient Chinese Tang era (618 - 907) standing straight with a dignified look. He is standing among the sunset in the desert looking into the distance with a strong will to challenge what is to come in his future. I tried to express his feelings in his red clothes with patterns of flames, his cape and clothes underneath with patterns of coconut trees and camels drawn with platinum paint and polished, and the golden raised patterns in his gold crown.

Category Dolls
Year of Creation 2018
Dimensions H 43 cm
Materials Porcelain clay, whitewash, red pigment, gold paint, platinum paint, gold leaf, platinum leaf, shells

Shinkyo Nakamura

photo Shinkyo Nakamura

As there is always a story behind the world of dolls, I would like people to feel the story when they see the dolls. As people's wishes are put into the shape of a doll, it is easy to pass on your wishes to your children or grandchildren with a doll rather than trying to say in words.