Shu Mochizuki Large bowl with flower design. “Camellia”

  • Ceramics
  • Created in 2018
  • H 25.2 / ø 34.6 cm
  • Not for Sale

Flower pattern series. By placing the flowers that are each slightly different in a regular manner, I wanted people to think that the flowers with different expressions are fun,
Especially in this piece, I wanted to express the cuteness of the flowers in the plump round shapes of the flowers.

Category Ceramics
Year of Creation 2018
Dimensions H 25.2 / ø 34.6 cm
Materials White clay

Shu Mochizuki

photo Shu Mochizuki

Producing pieces based on what I am charmed and moved by in nature. Applying feldspathic glaze and adding iron decorations, red painting, color painting and gold decorations is my specific style.