Akihiro Maeta White porcelain jar with beveled sides.

  • Ceramics
  • Created in 2018
  • H 35.8 / ø 25.7 cm
  • Not for Sale

I wanted to emphasize as much as possible the characteristics of porcelain and to produce a beautiful white porcelain vessel with a harmonious shape.
I spun the potter's wheel until I could see the shape of the jar. When I decided on the shape paying attention to the clay's hardness I pressed down from the outside toward the inside with my fingers and formed the clay. After the vessel was completely dry, I carved it out and then shaved off sections to create flat planes. As the final step, I applied a glaze that creates a soft texture and then fired the jar.
When creating a work, I always strive to make my intent and skills merge with the work and become one with it.

Category Ceramics
Year of Creation 2018
Dimensions H 35.8 / ø 25.7 cm