Masado Fujita

Box with design in urushi carving and kinma. “Brilliance of waves”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2017
  • H 14.6 x W 25.7 x D 11.5 cm
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Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2017
Dimensions H 14.6 x W 25.7 x D 11.5 cm
Exhibition The 64th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Masado Fujita

photo Masado Fujita

Pursuing the colors of kinma* and shades of choshitsu** to express their charms in pleasant forms. *Kinma: A technique to carve the pattern, apply color lacquer on the carved pattern and polish. **Choshitsu: Painting layers of lacquer and then carving patterns to make three-dimensional relief carvings