Noriko Matsumoto

Kanshitsu box with design in kinma. “Beautiful time”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2016
  • H 16.6 x W 26.8 x D 12.8 cm
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Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2016
Dimensions H 16.6 x W 26.8 x D 12.8 cm
Exhibition The 63th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Noriko Matsumoto

photo Noriko Matsumoto

Producing lacquerware with kinma, a technique that was introduced from South East Asia. Kinma is made by carving patterns on the lacquerware surface with a special carving blade known as kinma ken, applying color lacquer on the carved patterns, polishing after drying to remove excess color lacquer, and burnishing. Expressing plants and natural scenery lyrically and delicately.