Kazumi Murose

Coffer with design in makie and mother-of-pearl inlay. “Spring glow”

  • Lacquerware
  • Presented in 2016
  • H 11.0 x W 15.0 x D 28.5 cm
  • Not for Sale

Category Lacquerware
Year Presented 2016
Dimensions H 11.0 x W 15.0 x D 28.5 cm
Exhibition The 63th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Living National Treasure Kazumi Murose

photo Kazumi Murose

MUROSE has mastered various maki-e techniques such as togidashi-maki-e or takamaki-e to an exceptionally high degree, and with his perfect command of extensive and fine maki-e techniques he creates highly-rated works of great refinement and presence (taken from a review at the time of his acknowledgement as a holder of intangible cultural property). His works are characterized by a contemporary maki-e style incorporating colors into the conventional classic gold and black monotone.