Shoji Ishihara

Vessel with matte black glaze and geometrical design over diamond pattern.

  • Ceramics
  • Presented in 2016
  • H 36.0 x W 35.0 x D 29.5 cm
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Category Ceramics
Year Presented 2016
Dimensions H 36.0 x W 35.0 x D 29.5 cm
Exhibition The 63th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Shoji Ishihara

photo Shoji Ishihara

Expression by overglaze enamels on ceramics is characteristic of my works. In this technique, porcelain clay is first formed, and after second-stage firing without applying glaze, patterns are drawn using overglaze enamels, overglaze gold and silver and then fired; this process is repeated many times to finish a work.