Masao Adachi

Glass bowl with silk thread-like line design.

  • Glasswork
  • Presented in 2015
  • H 7.5 x W 38.0 x D 27.5 cm
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Category Glasswork
Year Presented 2015
Dimensions H 7.5 x W 38.0 x D 27.5 cm
Exhibition The 62nd Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition

Masao Adachi

photo Masao Adachi

Glass bowls with silk yarn patterns While applying the facet technique, swaying silk fiber patterns are daringly carved freehand to give the illusion of softness to the exquisitely beautiful glass ware pieces. The delicate shine on the surface gives the subtle impression of lustrous silk. To achieve this effect different techniques are used for the inside and outside. Matte black enamel coloring is coated in many layers, and a rough cut surface is left to just the right degree to best show the crystallization of such delicate handwork.