Yukihiro Kono

Set of vessels made of horse chestnut wood with crepe-like grain pattern "Camellia"

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • Presented in 2015
  • $3,180

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I made these vessels trying to make the most of the horse chestnut wood with beautiful wood grain.
I formed the vessels into the shape of camellias using the wood turning and hollowing techniques.
On the low side of the vessel, I inlayed a silver line as an accent, and finished with wiped urushi lacquer.

Category Wood and Bamboo
Year Presented 2015
Precise Dimensions Large: D21.5 W27.0 H7.0 / Small: D11.0 W14.4 H5.4 cm
Exhibition The 62nd Japan Traditional Kógei Exhibition

Yukihiro Kono

photo Yukihiro Kono

Hollowing beautiful blocks of high-grade wood while pursuing the harmony of the form and wood grain, and finishing with lacquer. I aim to make the color gradation and gloss blend with the wood to become a piece that comforts people's minds.