Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Decorative basket - comma-shaped

  • Wood and Bamboo
  • Presented in 2014
  • H 18.0 x W 64.0 x D 33.0 cm
  • $9,030

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This decorative basket (Morikago) was created as a comma-shaped bead (Magatama).
This shape has been used since ancient times as an amulet against evil forces, for religious practices or for necklaces. It is made of jade.
Bamboo were braided to create this piece which represents the mystery of the comma-shaped bead.
The top of the piece was created using a technique called Namiajiro-ami which consists in braiding the bamboo sticks to make them look like waves. The sides were created using the technique of Tabane-ami which consists in piling up bamboo sticks and braiding them together.
Please enjoy the undulating design and the mystery of the traditional Magatama.

Category Wood and Bamboo
Year Presented 2014
Dimensions H 18.0 x W 64.0 x D 33.0 cm
Notes Comes with box

Hiroyuki Yamamoto

photo Hiroyuki Yamamoto

There are mainly two different bamboo craft techniques. One is weaving thinly whittled bamboo sticks, and the other is assembling carved bamboo parts. As I like weaving, I have been using weaving techniques, especially the wickerwork weaving, for my artwork. I would like to use the assembling techniques together with the weaving techniques in my future creations to produce different variations.